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A hand crafted and functional journal.

Made within the body of a pre-loved hardback book, my journals and memory books are transformed through my design and crafting process into objects that are both functional and beautiful.

All my journals are unique and vary in size. Some are designed for everyday use, perhaps as travel journals or scrapbooks, while others are more elaborate, made as precious keepsakes that would be perfect for a wedding-day guest book, or perhaps a photo album.

Every memory book I make is constructed and designed in sympathy with the vintage book that forms the basis for the refashioned object it becomes. I place usable pages throughout each book, so that they can be filled over time with personal stories, drawings, photos, or any other significant keepsakes.

Enjoy filling this precious book with your personal narrative

Size of this book: 18 cm - 11 cm

Copyright ©Jessie Chorley

All rights reserved. This hand crafted book is an original Jessie Chorley design and is for personal use, inspiration and enjoyment only and must not be used in commercial projects.

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