Away Days

As you know I run my shop & studio here at 158a Columbia Rd on my own therefore sometimes when I have to head out of town I have to close my shop for the odd day 

This is usually only mid week and never weekends

The dates below are just for my shop at 158a Columbia Rd this my online shop is always open but orders may get a little delayed by a few days if placed on days when I am away from my shop & studio

Scheduled away days 2020:

January 2nd 2020

January 3rd 2020

January 4th 2020

January 5th 2020

February 6th 2020

February 7th 2020

March 13th 2020

April 2nd 2020

April 3rd 2020

April 9th 2020

June 12th 2020

July 23rd 2020

July 24th 2020

September 4th 2020

September 11th 2020

September 24th 2020

September 25th 2020

If you are planning a trip from far to visit me here at my shop & Studio please always contact me to double check that I will be open on such days...or equally with any questions regards my work, my shop or my workshops please contact me below  and thanks for your understanding 


Tel: Jessie's studio: 077-08921550